Amazon Handmade vs. Etsy

I have been thinking a long time if I should become a Seller on Amazon.

I decided against it for obvious and many reasons. I read a lot of reviews and I really did not want to compete with China products. Nothing against products from China but they have their place in life but I’m mostly supporting small businesses myself. So it didn’t seem right to sell on Amazon for years.

Now Amazon has created Amazon Handmade (for other Designers interested in Amazon Handmade click here) and one has to apply in order to get accepted. So I tried and I got in. Their interface, as a seller and buyer, is still lacking a lot of beauty. Their intro was surely nice but once I got in I dealt with a funky interface.

Etsy is really easy to navigate for both sides, I find. Yet as an online seller we have to try different online venues. So I will be trying this for a while and see how it works. I’ll let you know. You can find my shop here now: Petal & Stem Amazon Handmade.

I have also created a new website through Etsy’s “Pattern” option. My own website with my own domain name. Pattern powered by Etsy  allows you to create your on domain website: e.g. versus It does cost money of course. $15/ month.

I, for myself, have decided that there is no “versus” but just an “and”.

I would love to hear what other Designers think of Amazone Handmade and/ or any other platforms available other than Etsy.

Cheers ~ Katrin