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Massage and Aromatherapy workshops in Lisbon area

EXPLORE the benefits of Aromatherapy for relaxation and massage

LEARN THE SKILLS to give a relaxing 15min Massage

ENJOY receiving a Relaxing Massage


Link to all three Massage & Aromatherapy workshops

Why Essential Oils?

Do you remember the smell of an orange? It makes us feel happy, it puts a smile on our faces, and it might even bring back some old memories.Smell is directly linked to emotions, mood and memory. The absence or presence of a certain aroma can have a direct psychological impact on us. Aromatherapy is the use of plant materials and its oils. It is scientifically proven to work on a psychological as well as on a physical level. In combination with massage we offer Essential Oils as a complementary form of therapy.

Why a Foot Massage?

Our feet are our roots, they give us stability and they allow us to stand and walk. Every day, our feet carry us wherever we go while carrying our weight.

They deserve to be pampered!

Being able to give & receive a relaxing foot massage, that’s a true skill & treat!

In this workshop, we will learn simple but profound techniques to relax each other.

Don’t hesitate to book this workshop for yourself only, it will be rewarding, no matter if you join with a friend, your partner, or alone.

Why Hand Massage?

Our hands are the extension of our hearts, they allow us to reach out to the world and to get in touch with each other. Every day, our hands work hard for us to fulfill our goals.

Your hands deserve to be pampered!

Being able to give & receive a relaxing hand massage, that’s a true skill & treat!

In this workshop you will learn simple but profound techniques to relax each other.

Don’t hesitate to book this workshop for yourself only, it will be rewarding, no matter if you join with a friend, your partner, or alone.

Why a Face & Head Massage?

Our face and head are especially receptive to massage. Being able to give & receive a relaxing face & head massage, that’s a true skill & treat! In this workshop we will learn simple but profound techniques to relax each other. Don’t hesitate to book this workshop for yourself only, it will be rewarding, no matter if you join with a friend, your partner, or alone.

Program of our 3-hour workshop (example)

  • Introduction and Explanation to Aromatherapy and of the  THREE therapeutic Essential Oil massage blends, especially blended by Katrin for our workshop
  • Introduction to massage practice by Anne
  • Visually guided massage practice by Anne – you will give and receive a 15min hand/arm massage, in combination with one of the three Essential Oil blends introduced previously
  • Afterwards we will have a chance to enjoy some snacks & water. You can ask questions, share your experience, and you have the opportunity to purchase the all organic, therapeutic Massage Oil Blends…a great reminder to keep practicing massage at home
Who we are…
Katrin Birkholz started her journey with Essential Oils at an early age of 11. Everything which a pleasant aroma got either picked as flower or purchased as an Essential Oil. After studying Photography in 2001 and enjoying mostly close-up nature photography she was professionally introduced to Essential Oils and their magnificent multifaceted possibilities in 2013.
Anne Staab was introduced to the practice of Swedish massage in 2009. Being a certified Massage Therapist for techniques such as relaxing, deep tissue, and reflexology massage, she is working at a variety of events throughout Europe, giving massages as well as teaching others at workshops. Her wish is to share her knowledge and experience about massage practice during interactive workshops, allowing participants to relax, increase their own well-being, and empower them to improve the well-being of others by learning simple yet profound massage techniques.
How to participate…
Due to limited space, we kindly ask you to book your spot here on our website or click here if you see this post on Facebook or Meet-up.
The cost is 30€ per Person, including the oil blends used in the workshop and some snacks and drinks.
You don’t have to bring anything, just wear comfortable clothes and we take care of the rest.For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@PetalAndStem.com.
We are looking forward to see you at our workshop,
Anne & Katrin

Portugal. 2 adults. 2 children. 3 cats. 2 dogs. 8 chickens. No p — A Nossa Quinta

This is just another day in Portugal.

It’s more of a Photo read than a blog write up. Max, my son, took the pictures. This is how we truly feel. At times. Maybe.

Our Summer Camp Trip in Portugal


Mafra ~ Beira Alta ~ Piódão ~ Salamanca ~ Tomar ~ Mafra

We have been in this beautiful country for a bit over a year now. We have settled in, kids have been going through their first year of school and the second one is starting next week.

Sasha with her 5 years is almost fluent in Portuguese. Thanks to her school Colégio Art & Manha in Mafra and patience of her teachers she reached a level Seth and I look up to.

Max made his way through 6th Grade German School in Lisbon. With the American School System as a background and speaking German only a little he had a lot to catch up to. He did really well. It was the second time that he had to show a lot of persistence and went all the way to make it happen. I can only applaud him. (The first time was his Junior Black Belt at his Karate school in Santa Cruz)

Seth finally managed to take a week off work. He has been working, so it seems, around the clock for the past 3 month. I’m glad we had the chance to discover some other parts of Portugal and spent even a day in Salamanca, Spain.  It was definitely a new experience for him to do “European Camping”. I think he was VERY skeptical at first. I tried to explain to him that my fondest memories of my childhood were the Camp trips with my parents to France and Portugal. My memories in short: Instant Camp friends to play with (I think my parents hardly saw me once we set up our tent), Parents could relax with a glass of wine and we took some great day trips returning to a fun dinner in an open air environment. I love camping. He will be probably writing his only little blurb about the trip here.

The Camping Spot was PERFECT! Camping Toca da Raposa. This little Camping Spot is located in the Beira Alta District of Portugal. The region is beautiful and has a lot to offer. From hiking over kayaking to horseback riding. If you want to have any fun in the outdoors contact Matt at Rock & River. He has a great team which will take good care of you. Our Kayak trip was a 4 hour trip down the River Mondego. We stopped and swam in the river and watched Firefighter Airplanes pick up some water from the river to kill a fire in Seia which was not too far from where we were.


The weather was great and the kids were super happy. Sasha made a new little friend, named Lola. Lola had moved with her mom from England to Portugal. In this case Sasha had no language barriers to overcome.

Max had some great fun with kids from Belgium and Holland. With dutch being a bit similar to German (I said a bit! Lol), English and German he managed to play games, swam in the pool and enjoyed the grand finale of a night long thunder in the mountains with his new Camp friends.

Overall a really successful vacation and Portugal is just beautiful. Happy to live in this country.

Salamanca, Spain

A beautiful quote for your weekend.

Quote 1dōTERRA Essentials Oils ~ Katrin Birkholz

Health Food Stores in Lisbon (Portugal) area

If you are traveling through Portugal and you happen to be in Ericeira, one of my favorite spots, make sure you visit this small Health Food Store.

Where to find organic products in Portugal?

When I moved to Portugal, one of the things I was missing the most were Health Food Stores.

Santa Cruz, California had them all. I think there are more Health-Food-Nuts on a square footage than anywhere else in the world. Therefor you can buy the bumper sticker “Keep Santa Cruz weird” (Get a T-Shirt if you feel inclined). And the peeps are. In a loving way.

Anyway, I’m excited to report that we have options in Portugal too! It did not look like it at first, but after lots of digging they popped up. One choice after another.

Here is my list of stores and markets I frequently visit:

BE U – this store is small but has everything you need for your vacation and more. They do offer Pilates, Massage and sometimes workshops.

BRIO – they have a good number of locations now. In Lisbon as well as outside of Lisbon.

Celeiro – this one you can find almost in ANY shopping mall. They do have pretty much everything. The only missing part is fresh vegetables, fruit and bread. But they do have a lot of supplements.

Circulo Bio – I’m about to get my first order as they carry Dr. Bronner Castille soap for my Essential Oil Recipes and my toxin free Body and Facial products. They also offer some Aromatherapy Accessories I would like to try out as they are hard to find in Portugal.

Quinta do Arneiro – now these guys rock my world and of course my children ones too. If you live in the greater Lisbon area and you have a hard time distinguishing organic vegetables from non-organic on the vast amount of Farmer’s Markets you might want to consider to have those guys deliver your Yummies to you. Their website is in English an they are just GREAT. A bit on the pricey side but you know what you get. You can also visit their farm and they will open up a Restaurant on June 13th, 2016.

BIO/ ORGANIC Farmer’s Market – For a perfect Saturday, walk over to Príncipe Real Park in Lisboa. I love this area. So much to do and explore. Perfect with and for children as there is a playground in the park and they do have coffee and breakfast there too!

3 THUMBS up!

Lisbon - Organic Farmer's Market
Lisbon – Organic Farmer’s Market

From 9am to 3pm, fresh fruits and vegetables, hand-made olive oils, jellies, breads, etc., are for sale at the far end of the tree-lined park. Sit on the benches afterwards and enjoy the lovely neighborhood feeling… and don’t forget to buy a straw bag to carry your goodies home again!

Click the link above for further markets. The above one is my favorite.



SUN SUN SUN = Vitamin D = Katrin



TerraShield – Insect Repellent

Highly effective for the upcoming mosquito season – Order here

No more Mosquito Spray Toxins for your body! Choose the natural way:

TerraShield combines a proprietary blend of highly effective and safe essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil to help ward off insects. A primary function of essential oils in plants is protecting against insects and other predators. Unlike other products that contain synthetic and toxic chemicals, TerraShield is a natural approach to managing exposure to biting insects. TerraShield’s fresh, light citrus scent is wonderfully invigorating and can be used safely by everyone in the family. One application provides coverage that lasts up to 6 hours.

dōTERRA - TerraShield Natural Insect Repellent
doTERRA’s Mosquito Repellent

In the video below Dr. Hill explains the effectiveness of this Essential Oil blend a bit further!

dōTERRA’s Dr. David Hill explains the benefits of using TerraShield® as a safe and natural insect repellent.