When my daughter became a Vegetarian

It has been almost 1 year when my then 6-year-old girl decided to skip eating meat altogether.

While my son loves his meat every now and then and my husband his sausages, I started cooking several different meals per meal time. Like every mum I was a bit concerned but since we are living a fairly healthy lifestyle since years I was not too thrown off by her decision to go meat-less. We own a ton of cook books (from ‘uncooking’ to full on cooking) and it was a good new challenge.

Below I put a small Infographic together which we use as our shopping list. We eat 100% what is in season which makes it a whole lot easier to decide what goes on the table. While we eat a ton of greens (raw, steamed and sautéed), we still eat what each of us likes (my son likes his rare piece of meat). We just made it a habit to always have a balanced meal with all named vitamins and nutritions in my cheat sheet below. Milk is definitely out though. Homemade Nutmilk and Seedmilk is our basis for smoothies, baking and milk for my coffee.

If I have time on my hands, which is rare these days, I do love to dehydrate our summer fruit and herbs. We also use our juicer as much as we can.

I do believe it takes time to get adjusted to healthier eating habbits and I’m also not the person who wants to stand in the kitchen all day. So it is still a constant adjustment and sometimes even fight to make my children eat what is on the table. But overall we have come a long way. For some we are way too healthy and for others not enough. But don’t we have this no matter what we do?

Anyway, I hope you will find some use in my compilation below.

~Love, Katrin

NO Meat Shopping ListNO Meat Shopping List