About Katrin


Katrin Birkholz

Certified Aromatherapist & Photographer

I work exclusively with Florihana Essential Oils

Essential Oils | Organic, Pure and Therapeutic

Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oils

Pure and Therapeutic Essential Oils

We source and deliver the highest quality Essential oils. Distilled without any chemicals and bottled with the highest technology available on the market to assure no cross contermination.

All our Essential Oils are free of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. All Organic Essential Oils (each batch) have a GC/MS report available. We only do organic or wildcrafted. Not conventional.

Katrin was born in 1976 in East Germany and escaped the communist country with her
mother before the wall came down in 1985. It was the first peach she ever smelled at
the age of 9 which changed her mindset to what it is today:
Smell life and learn how to grow and change.

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