There is always something else we NEED to do instead of…

…being here and present for our children and ourselves.

It’s Saturday morning and my son Max needs to study for a physic and history test. I’m leaving on Wednesday to visit my husband, dad and friends in San Francisco and there is soooo much to do. At least in my own mind!

I grab Sasha and give Max time and room to study without distraction. He is easily side tracked and the to-do list is overwhelmingly long anyway and Sasha loves shopping. Well kind of.

For our last items on the list we had to drive by her favorite parc (Parque Desportivo Municipal de Mafra) in Mafra which she frequents with her Dad (he has his own Blog here). She loves these moments with him and I love it when they have them 😉

It took a lot of fast repeating in my head; Katrin take a left turn. Make her happy, take a break and just enjoy…Katrin take a left turn…the car drove, I followed and we had such a beautiful time.



Love your life. Enjoy the small moments. Invite them in more often.

~Love Katrin

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