WINNER Announcement from the Essential Oil Bag Drawing

We have TWO Favs!

Congrats! You’ve won a FREE Essential Oil Bag!



To claim your prize, please follow these steps:

  • Confirm that you meet all of the entry requirements (access to Etsy & pay for shipping $3.50)
  • Send an email to within 5 days to claim your prize and we will send you the CODE to get your bag for FREE!
  • In the email, please confirm that’s it OK for us to publish your name on our social media channels
  • This one is totally optional, but if you’re excited about winning, we’d love for you to share your win with our Fans and Followers! Send us a picture of your bag in use!

If you have any questions, just email me at – I’m happy to help 🙂

Cheers, Katrin

Here are the names of the winners…so excited 🙂 AND Thank you again!

Amanda Pax
Angelia Allison
Angie Pickel
April Walton
Becki Strunk
Cassie BitterSweet
Celia Durant
Cherie Stabile
Cindy Lutjen
Dawn Ash
Debra Lynn
Doretta King
Isabel Strid
Jackie Harrison Husband
Jeni Laymance
Jeni Wash
Jodi Walsh
Kim Gomes
Kymberly Hudson
Latona Arn
Lauren Lemos
Lisa Fortunato
Lisa Rappolt Jackson
Luana Benton Moore
Margaret Bandy
Mauriceta Green
Max Frisbee
Michelle Patlan
Nicole Showalter Smith
Pat Watson Simmons
Peggy Jean Smith
Riley B-l
Sharon Welborn
SherrieSue Stagner
Shirley Norman LeBlanc
Stephanie Mike Molsbee
Susanne Wisnieswki
Tisha Davis
Tonja Woods
Tricia Robbins
Twila Jean Lafferty
Virginia May Hewitt
Zed Reisender

Bags are in the making and they should arrive to your home before Christmas!

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