Vanilla & Lavender Salt Scrub – DIY

A skin soothing shower scrub

Are you ready for the weekend? It’s time to have some fun again!

3 oz (84 gm) salts (I like 2 oz/56 gm of pink Himalayan salts mixed with 1 oz/28 gm of Epsom salts)
3 oz (90 ml) vanilla jojoba (Check this link on how to make your own Vanilla infused Jojoba oil)
1 oz (28 gm) dried organic lavender flowers
15 drops Lavender essential oil
4 oz (120 ml) jar


  1. Grind all the salts and the lavender flowers in a small coffee grinder until they are a fine texture.
  2. Add the vanilla jojoba to the salts and stir.
  3. Add your essential oils and mix.
  4. Use a little Glas Container and use it within 1 week.
doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil

I love this recipe and it has a very calming and relaxing sensation.

Happy Scrubbing!

This recipe is from Aromahead.

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