Our move to Portugal from Santa Cruz, California – my husband’s point of view

A little about my husband

I love my husband’s uncensored point of view of life, health, possibilities and political topics. Read his Blog here.

His inquisitive mind can be challenging. In a good way only. The questions he asks nobody else would dare to ask. At least not a good German!

I have seen countless open mouths, tilted heads, a lot of different “Ummmm”s and a lot of “Seth? What do you mean by that?”

He does what everybody else should do:

  • Ask if you are curious about something
  • Ask if you don’t understand something
  • Ask to trigger somebody’s “other” side. Tickle them
  • Don’t just believe because your parents told you so
  • Don’t take a “No” always for a “No”. There might be just a different way to your goal around the corner
  • Don’t stop being optimistic

He has inspired me (and our children) in so many ways. Over and over again. He has a heart of gold.The way he takes care of me confirms that I can be who I am. I don’t need to adjust – AT ALL!

  1. I can be bitchy and he smiles (and believe me, I can be bitchy and wag my finger good).
  2. I can be crying and he will hold me
  3. I can be laughing and he will be laughing with me
  4. The best of all (and I’m sure it has been our ruin at times too) he is as crazy as I’m. Never getting tired of new adventures. Never stopping to believe that the “Uncertain” will become “Certain”.

When people stop him after his first question (which hardly happens), I smile, thinking that they might miss out on a great conversation.


I don’t own this person and I love him. Unconditionally.

Here you can find his posts:

Starting June 12, 2015 Katrin and Zed’s BIG Move to Portugal

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